Kyle Willey is a writer, game designer, educator, and skeptical mystic from Phoenix.

Starting at a young age, Kyle worked on games that sought to bring vibrant universes to life.

He launched Loreshaper Games and has also done freelance work on the ENNIE nominated franchise Degenesis, creating rules and setting content for its primal post-apocalyptic world.

His experience in games led Kyle to creative writing. With inspiration drawn from the likes of Carl Jung, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Philip K. Dick, Kyle’s speculative and visionary fiction seeks to explore the boundaries of human experience.

He is working on publishing his first novel and non-fiction book.

We read to discover new worlds, to find the solutions to our problems, to experience the unknowable.

As a writer, my goal is to enable that experience for as many people as possible. I pursue the numinous spaces outside the world that we know.

For this reason, I write to push the boundaries and ask questions:

What is the greater meaning at the bottom of every decision and every heartbeat?

What is the right and proper way to orient behavior in a chaotic world?

What is worthy of attainment and what should be scorned?

Motivated by deep thinkers, visionaries, and icons, my mission is this:

To find the meaning in the word.

I got my start in writing as a freelance and independent game reviewer and game designer. This started when I was a featured reviewer at DriveThruRPG back in 2010, but I spent the next several years writing for blogs and reviews, including some partnerships with publishers and pop culture sites.

As a full-time schoolteacher, I pulled back from my writing and focused on my students, using my time outside the classroom to develop an appreciation for the craft of writing. Using what I had learned in my undergrad and work experience let me serve diverse student populations with innovative approaches to understanding literature and texts.

Then I returned to writing professionally while pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing full-time, with a wonderful opportunity to work on an ENNIE-award nominated tabletop roleplaying game and other exciting projects such as my debut novel.

You can check out a more formal version here: