I’ve started a project to write a million words this year. It’s half crazy New Year’s resolution and half realistic endeavor. I want to talk about what I think will make it work right now. I might have to change, but it’ll be for posterity if nothing else. Then we’ll see if I succeeded or failed, and how far I went astray.
Normally I update this blog three times a week, but because I took the last couple weeks of December off with no explanation, I want to talk about what’s going on. When I first started writing Herding Your Cats, I pictured taking a half-dozen books on writing and productivity and condensing them down to a book that was very short and sweet. My goal was to finish it in December 2020. That did not happen. That’s half of the reason […]
He can hear someone moving on the other side of the door, but the neurachem can’t catch the details for him. An indicator light comes on under the camera, and a disembodied voice comes from a tinny speaker in the doorframe. “Who’s there?” “Room service.” “You ain’t room service, punk.” “Give me the stuff you stole from the Feds, and I’ll leave you be.” The light flickers off. A muffled conversation flows through the wall, but Smith doesn’t wait to […]
Smith takes in every detail. His own room should be the same as every other in the motel. It’s clean, sterile, a nice break from the usual arcoplex outskirts dive. No windows, a door made of steel. There’s a pattern engraved into it meant to evoke some idea of solidity, and he doesn’t worry about the door. But the walls are thin. He’s used to hearing through walls. Mil-spec neurachem amplifies the noise beneath the silence and brings the hidden […]
Writing is a multi-step process. A first draft is rarely of sufficient quality to publish, but the art of getting from first draft to flight-ready content is more than just reading through something a second time. That might suffice for a humble text, but for more complex works like a book, the revision process is itself an ordeal. This is where the idea of revision preparation comes from. Instead of launching straight into a re-read and line edit, the writer […]